Regular Events


First Tuesday of Every Month

Sundarkaand 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Every Pooranmaasi (Full Moon)

Satyanarayan Vrat Katha at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm



Sunday Puja Schedule

Sunday Puja Details

11.15 am    Devi/ Devta Puja by Pandit ji
11.30 am    Omkar, Gyatri Mantra & Shri Ganesh Mantra Jap
11.45 am    Shri Ganesh Vandana
12.00 pm    Bhajans
12.30 pm    Om Namah Shivay jap & Shri Hanuman Chalisa Path
12.40 pm    Shri-Mad-Bhagwadgita Discourse by Pandit ji
01.15 pm    Aarti
01.30 pm    Parsadam / Bhojan
02.00 pm    End of Sunday Services

Note: We can perform any of the mentioned weekly events as per host’s request.


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If you would like to host/sponsor any events or need more information,
Please contact:

Mandir Line : (613) 321-0675  or

Smt. Leena Shukla : (613) 612-9448 or

Pt. R. N. Pandey : (613) 216-7575